Setbacks or Setforwards?

A couple of weeks ago, I got tendonitis in my peroneal tendon. It hurt enough to stop me from running for a little. I couldn’t push off of my foot and running was painful and not very fun. At first when I decided to take some time off from running, I was really upset. I saw the tendonitis as a huge setback for me, as something that was in the way of my goals and dreams. The reality is, we all have “setbacks” in the time between setting goals and achieving them and they are usually unplanned and seen as a burden. I realized that I was only thinking of what I couldn’t do (which was really only one thing: running) and not everything I could do (crosstrain, weights, core, balance, stability). When I started focusing on what I was able to do, the so-called “setback” turned into a setforward. I was able to get the workouts I needed to get in through cross training so I didn’t lose any aerobic capacity, I got the chance to strengthen muscles I typically don’t use while I was cross training so I felt stronger coming back, I learned how I could prevent this injury in the future (through strengthening certain muscles and working on stability and balance), I have a new love for running and thankfulness for a healthy body and each run I get to go on, and I feel confident for overcoming a hardship and being inventive in how I got the work in that I needed to. The setback became a set forward for me. There are many situations like this in life, not just in running. Switching my mindset from a defeated mindset to a triumphant one helped me move forward and overcome a hardship. Think about your mindset and ask yourself if you have a “setback” mind or one that is “setforward,” then get out there and run the world! 🙂